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Allstate’s car sharing platform Avail is partnering with LAZ Parking, “the fastest growing and second largest parking company in the country.”

LAZ Parking and car sharing platform Avail want to give Chicago car owners and commuters more options when it comes to how they get around the city.

Avail and LAZ Parking are teaming up to change the way people use parking garages while making the car sharing journey even easier.

First-of-its-kind agreement brings Avail to LAZ properties, expanding urban mobility options in the U.S.

With Avail, you drop your car off at an airport and the car-sharing company takes care of the rest.

Avail connects drivers to cars at 15 U.S. airports (and offers pick-up and drop-off in downtown Denver and Chicago).

Adweek mentions Avail's 'The State of Travel in 2022' survey stat around Gen Z and Millennials travel plans for 2022.

Multiple companies are set up to allow individuals to rent out their vehicles, including Avail.

A recent study by car-sharing company Avail shows that Gen Z is the age group most eager to travel in 2022, with 72% planning to splurge on a big trip this year.

Notably, another site called Avail also markets itself as a way to allow travelers to rent out their vehicles when they’re out of town.

Look into car-sharing services such as Avail, where you rent cars from other people (Airbnb style).

Avail’s State of Travel in 2022 survey suggests Gen Zers, rather than millennials, are leading the charge in the return to travel.

Make passive income on your parked car with vehicle sharing. Sites like Avail ensure your ride and offer customer service.

For those who plan to travel this spring or summer, check out rental car options on car-sharing platforms like Avail.

Jeannine Fischer discusses her Product Manager role at Avail and navigating a remote culture.

Travelers should look into alternatives to traditional rental car companies, such as car-sharing services like Avail.

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